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Milestone Tokens are Celebrations of Successes - Thank Bill & Bob for This Wonderful, Successful, Enduring Support Idea!

Milestone tokens and the celebration of successes have been a staple companion of the recovery candidate ever since Bill and Bob introduced the afflicted to a better way of life decades ago. When success is accomplished, the gift of a simple chip to acknowledge and celebrate the turnaround is never forgotten by the one who receives the acknowledgement. In today's society, we're inundated with the abuses and over-indulgences of everyone from the movie stars we revere to the musicians that fill our lives with the albums that mark particular periods in our lives. This leaves us believing that if "everyone does it", then why not me? Why not, since no one will even notice?

The afflicted comes to a point in their lives that they realize, once and for all, that they can no longer control the alcohol, but that the alcohol controls them. At that point, it's up to the individual to resolve to obstain, no matter WHAT others do or what occasion presents itself that may make it seem "OK" to partake. The support of the people that care for this individual the most are what's considered their "support group" ...exactly where the support comes from that means the very most to the afflicted. That support is irreplacable and a mandetory part of recovery. Sobriety tokens are not only a perfect way to show the individual that you care, that you're behind them and believe in them, it's a lasting reminder of your love and support even after many years of sobriety have passed. Medallions AA NA is dedicated to furnishing the public with fine, quality tokens that will be cherished for a lifetime. We hope you find the medallion you'd like to present to your loved one and are always available to help you make your selection. COUNT ON Medallions AA NA - We're here when you need usVisit our blog here!

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